When we feel good about ourselves, we can achieve just about anything! 


But being a teen in today’s world is full of unique challenges, and amongst life’s ups and downs, they might well not be seeing themselves clearly.  What they might be doing is magnifying their flaws and overlooking their best qualities.  So how quite extraordinary!



This confidence boosting programme will help your teen develop a healthy, positive view of themselves.  We will do engaging exercises to help them deal with obstacles and self-doubt, skills for handling criticism and activities that will help them navigate challenges like school, dating, family and friends.  With the right amount of confidence there is nothing they cannot do.

​ can you help them start feeling good about themselves, just as they are?  Because as you know they are

Learning Objectives:

This programme will help your teen:

  • stop comparing themselves to others

  • discover their beliefs and passion

  • manage emotions and keep a positive attitude

  • develop responsibility and compassion

  • set realistic goals and face challenges head on


Outcome:  Your teen will develop healthy self-esteem.  Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, our behaviour clearly reflects those feelings.  A teen with high self-esteem will be able to:

  • act independently

  • assume responsibility

  • take pride in their accomplishments

  • tolerate frustration

  • attempt new tasks and challenges

  • handle positive and negative emotions

  • offer assistance to others

Instead of: 

  • avoiding trying new things

  • feeling unloved and unwanted

  • blaming others for their own shortcomings

  • feeling, or pretending to feel, emotionally indifferent

  • being unable to tolerate a normal level of frustration

  • putting down his own talents and abilities

  • being easily influenced


Want to learn more?  I would love to talk more so please contact me on 027645 9304 or message to talk more.


Want to learn more?  I would love to talk more so please contact me on 027645 9304 or message to talk more.

I hope to meet you soon,

Natasya x


Natasya Tucker

Phone: 027 645 9304

Email: natasya@beme.kiwi

Glendowie, Auckland, NZ.

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