I am an accredited coach with the International Coaching Community and I have worked in many organisations small and large as a coach.  I have 15 years’ experience as Learning and Development Manager developing career frameworks and training calendars and more recently moved into Organisational Change area. 

I have worked in many different industries and enjoy not necessarily knowing the industry I am working in as that is not my main skill.  One of my key skills are asking great questions that uncover the issue or needs of an individual or team and then through asking more targeted questions coaching out of my client what they think will work for them.  If they have no idea then I can mentor and make recommendations.

I love to help others learn and grow, and realise what they have the potential to do when given the opportunity to stop, reflect and dream big.  Life is what you make of it!

To contact me click or call me on 027 64530

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Natasya x


Natasya Tucker

Phone: 027 645 9304


Glendowie, Auckland, NZ.

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Natasya x

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